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Sea Front Banners Installed Again

bannerThe Banners Project was a joint partnership between the Seaton Visitor Centre Trust, Devon County bannerCouncil, who provided the funding, and the Jurassic Coast Team. In 2008 DCC hired the artist Jane Witheridge, who with support from Anjana Ford, the JC Team's Education Coordinator, worked with students from both Seaton Primary School and the Axe Valley Community College to design the artwork for the banners. The Primary School banners focus on the life and history of Seaton, whilst those by the Community College reflect aspects of the Jurassic Coast and Seaton's designation as a Primary Gateway to that coast.

The original banners were painted on silk but DCC also paid for copies to made on strong canvas that were (and are) installed on sea front lampposts during the summer months.

The aim of this project was to involve the youth of the area in the Jurassic Coast and to contribute to the enhancement of Seaton. The overall cost was about £20,000 together with many man-hours on behalf of members of the Trust and the local schools.

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