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Seaton Jurassic To Close

Notification received from Devon Wildlife Trust 17th March 2021:

I am very sorry to have to write this but after five years of managing Seaton Jurassic, Devon Wildlife Trust has taken the tough decision not to continue in its role as the visitor attraction’s operator. I appreciate that this will come as a great shock to many of you and I am only sorry that I was not able to communicate this to everyone personally or face to face.

Why has this decision been made?
Well, the unique and unprecedented challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic combined with the need to undertake substantial, costly renovations to the exhibition, is at the heart of this decision. This has been coupled with the wider challenges that the Trust will face now and in the future and ensuring that we remain a strong and effective voice for the natural world.

What does this mean for the Centre?
This is DWT stepping down as the operator and enacting our six month break clause. We don't anticipate opening the exhibition again apart from special events and thank you days. However, we are in discussion with East Devon, the owners of the building, and they will be making decisions on future operation. In the meantime we still operate the tourist information and Taste of the West will decide on whether they operate the cafe this summer. In line with that we will also make a decision on access to the garden for example.

Richard Drysdale

Head of Visitor Centres

Devon Wildlife Trust



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